Energy For Earth


Our Passion

We’re driven by an appreciation of the environment and a desire to preserve it. Renewable energy has the power to transform the way people around the world use electricity—improving our communities and our planet.

Our People

All around the world, there are renewable leaders of all ages who are motivated by the power of alternative energy to improve all of our lives. Read below how these solar leaders are making a difference and find out how you can join us.

Our Projects and Partners

Power United has joined with partners to educate, inspire, and help people around the world utilize energy and the power of the sun.

Our Goal

To help create and motivate renewable energy leaders through education, awareness, and participation in community solar energy projects and programs.


Electricity, Responsibly
  • Community

    Having a positive impact is simpler than you think. Together we can raise awareness and encourage the use of clean, renewable solar energy. Learn more about Power United Foundation projects, watch our videos, and become a solar advocate in your community.

  • Technology

    Technological Innovation is happening globally at a staggering rate. Utilizing the most cutting edge renewable technologies allows us to provide the most cost effective practices to establish the most responsible energy systems.

  • Education

    Power United Foundation collaborates with partners to explain how energy is used and shared. We want students to be energized with solar knowledge and motivated to act within our communities.

  • Innovation

    Utilizing deep connections in industry and university programs, Power United Foundation leverages, promotes, and establishes foundations for the next generations of renewable energy technologies to develop, test, and be brought to market.


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