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Islands Call for Support in Going Green with Hybrid Solutions

Islands are vulnerable places, battered by climate change, pollution and migration. But a mounting sense of urgency is counterbalanced by the realization that islands offer an important opportunity to find innovative, “hybrid” solutions that combine renewable and traditional energy sources, making them test-beds that the wider world should invest in and learn from.

Since mainland governments are mostly deaf to the plight of islands, leaving them to protect their environment and the quality of the life of their inhabitants on their own, these often remote, small places are now coming together and finding they have more in common than their differing locations and economic, social and historical context would suggest.

Islands are on the front line of contemporary challenges

Island locations capture our imaginations: exotic, often remote places that are home to unspoilt land- and seascapes. Yet minor islands are not just enticing tourist destinations but places where people live and work. They face a very particular set of sustainability challenges, revolving around issues of energy, water and mobility.

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